Embracing a superhero theme, Insights 2.0 allows users to harness data superpowers to make a difference. We launched a new website (data.unt.edu) that allows existing and potential Insights users to sign up for access/training and help get answers to FAQs.  The website also features existing data superheroes who wanted to share more about the ways they use data for good at UNT.

Insights 2.0 contains analytic products related to demographics, enrollment, SCH production, degrees, retention, grading, demographics, statewide higher education data, and trends in Texas high schools (place hold finance data).  New products are being planned for classroom utilization, admissions, and more!  The program is also offering for the first time in-depth developer training for units who wish to design their own analytic dashboards in a protected environment. 

Security and privacy matter, and many users ask about measures Insights takes to secure our student, staff, and faculty data. In addition to existing and strong security measures already in use, Insights 2.0 is making advanced efforts to further protect the privacy of our data. We believe in our approach to protect the security of our campus data through multiple safeguards.

Key Points:

  • Access to Insights 2.0 is limited to faculty and staff. Requests for training can be made on data.unt.edu when launched on July 27th.
  • Integrates UNT-wide Single Sign On capability for easier access.
  • Faster, seamless, and smoother graphics and analytic elements.
  • Further integration of predictive analytics into our dashboard products.
  • Enhanced dashboards and additional data structures
  • Enhancements to better serve users with visual impairments.
  • Open source integrations to maximize flexibility for developers across UNT.
  • Expanded architecture allows developers to create their own dashboards
    (with supported training by DAIR and approval from your Vice President).

Questions? Interested in Training? Email insights@unt.edu