data imData, Analytics, and Institutional Research is continually expanding the types and quality of data available for our university and external partners.
The graphic highlights the general inventory of data we either have currently are have plans to model in the future.

Given data and data systems are continually expanding, DAIR is committed to helping our constituents and what they need for their given purposes.

While having data is important, UNT also deserves to have data that are trusted, reliable and developed within a larger framework of data governance. Data governance are a set of principles, processes, and tools described in the graphic below to ensure data validity, veracity, and consistency.


DAIR uses a tool known as a RACI matrix to help everyone understand who partners with us in these efforts.
In Fall of 2017, UNT initiated a first of its kind instance of SAS Business Data Network (BDN) for DAIR to partner with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Data Owners on data quality. The graphic highlights the strategic business value this tool provides UNT.

Importance of SAS BDN Program in data management



Keeping Information Safe
DAIR is committed to ensuring that student, faculty, staff, and financial information is secure and safe. In partnership with UNT System Information Security leadership DAIR leverages a multi-faceted approach to maintaining a commitment to information privacy and confidentiality.

As shown in the graphic, DAIR leverages training, role-based permissions, and other strategies to protect information.

DAIR follows all appropriate State and Federal laws to maintain a commitment to our students, parents, alumni, and employees.