18 Characteristics of Doctoral Programs

The 18 Characteristics of Doctoral Programs were developed by the Graduate Education Advisory Committee to create a snapshot of all doctoral programs at public universities and health-related institutions. The data is intended to provide information to institutions for self-improvement and to serve as a guide to members of the general public interested in doctoral education, such as prospective students and their families.

Specifically, the Coordinating Board approved an amendment to the Agency Rules by creating a new Section 5.51, Publishing of Doctoral Program data. Section 5.51 implements the Board's adoption of a recommendation from the Graduate Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) regarding the 18 Characteristics of Texas Public Doctoral Programs.

This data represents the current quality of the institution’s existing doctoral programs.

Characteristics for University of North Texas programs are listed below and the 18 Characteristics for all public universities are currently posted on the Coordinating Board's website.

Arts & Sciences Business Education Engineering
Information Music Public Affairs & Community Service Visual Arts & Design

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