Helpful External Data Sets

  • THECB Accountability System – Texas Higher Education Data was created and is maintained by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The links on this page provide access to Texas higher education data and related data sources via reports, statistics, queries and other interactive tools.
  • Texas Public Education Information Resource – TPEIR provides researchers with longitudinal student graduation, teacher employment and certification, and higher education enrollment and graduation counts. This data may be helpful in identifying trends and making intelligent projection and forecasts, and is available at different levels depending on the type and source of data.
  • IPEDS Data Center – Compare institutional data, create reports, download data files and more.
  • NCES Data Analysis System – Create your own analysis tables and covariance analyses using the Data Analysis Systems (DAS) application, view/download thousands of analysis tables and the DAS programming files used to create them, and view the highlights of report findings, with figures and tables, for various topics written by researchers for NCES.
  • NCES Executive Peer Tool – Here you can compare institutions using selected data from the latest collection year with simplified and streamlined reports.
  • NSSE Annual Survey Results – You can find results of the annual National Survey of Student Engagement here, including findings on technology, advising, academic challenge, online student experience and more.
  • FSSE Annual Survey Results – The Faculty Survey of Student Engagement looks at student engagement from a faculty perspective. You can create your own report using survey results found here.