Stage 1 Review

All academic programs within a department are scheduled for a Stage 1 review on a 7-year cycle. The review shall include a qualitative and quantitative examination of departmental and program achievements and shall be accompanied by recommendations for improvement.

Required elements of a Stage 1 Review include:

  1. A statement of strategic initiatives / expected outcomes for the department
  2. A quantitative summary for each academic program, generated by DAIR, providing standard reporting elements, as determined by the VPAA
  3. A qualitative assessment of the effectiveness of each academic program provided by the program, including responses to specific questions, as determined by the VPAA. An important element in this review is the examination of student progress toward program learning outcomes and the related efforts for program improvement, which shall be maintained within the university-authorized software and tracking program.
  4. A statement of progress related to recommendations from the prior review cycle
  5. Recommendations resulting from the current review, generated by the supervising dean and/or VPAA, with an established timeframe

Academic programs that have been specifically reviewed at the program level by an external accrediting body within the 7-year cycle may submit the findings of the external accreditation review in lieu of element #3 above.  However, programs will need to specifically address the student learning outcomes and related program improvements if they are not detailed in the accreditation report.