Academic Program Review

The University of North Texas conducts periodic reviews of all academic degree programs in order to promote academic quality and productivity and to assure alignment with UNT’s mission. Academic programs are reviewed in the context of an overall departmental review. The department, dean, graduate dean, provost and vice president for academic affairs use the results to guide university planning, determine program directions, establish objectives, shape institutional goals and promote institutional effectiveness.

The Office of Data, Analytics, & Institutional Research is responsible for coordinating the program review process. The office shall maintain the review schedule, provide the standard reporting format and data, structure the review process, maintain records of the outcomes and monitor relevant follow-up.

Department and program reviews involve wide participation of the faculty and include input from a variety of sources, such as alumni, students, other departments, employers of graduates and external constituents. Although most programs are reviewed every 7 years, a program can be reviewed outside the typical 7-year cycle, at the request of the supervising dean.

The final report of either a Stage 1 or Stage 2 review is submitted to the VPAA for approval. In the 3rd year following a Stage 1 review, or annually following a Stage 2 review, an interim report shall be forwarded through Data, Analytics, & Institutional Research to the Provost’s office, indicating progress toward recommendations issued in the report.